High Temperature Plastic 3D Printer

I led the development of the SAAM HT 3D printer by Cincinnati Incorporated. This 3D printer enables users to 3D print high temperature thermoplastics like polycarbonate, ULTEM, and PEEK for a relatively low cost.

Some of the specifications and features of the printer included the following:

  • 500°C nozzle temperature
  • 250°C bed temperature
  • 110°C chamber temperature (1kW heating power)
  • Liquid cooling system for all motors and hot end
  • Vacuum system for print surface hold-down
  • Touch screen
  • Onboard camera
  • Automatic part ejection system
  • Dyze Pro extuder
  • Slice Engineering liquid cooled Mosquito hot end
  • Fully insulated build chamber
SAAM HT 3D printing a prototype lead screw nut housing, made from ULTEM 9085.
A ventilation system flange for hot air flow, printed from ULTEM 9085.
A vase 3D printed in PEEK.

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