Metal 3D Printer

I led the development of a low-cost metal 3D printing process that produced bound metal powder 3D printed parts directly from MIM (metal injection molding) pellets.

Two benchies 3D printed in 174-PH stainless steel MIM feedstock, debound, and sintered.

Machining the extrusion screw on a Tormach PCNC 770 with Rapidturn
MIM pellets ready for printing.
3D printing a bulbasaur.
Parts in the “green” state: they will need to be debound to remove all of the binding agent and then sintered to fuse the metal powder into one continuous metal part.
Parts going into the sintering furnace made by CM Furnace.
Some metal 3D printed parts. I actually had a company called DSH Technologies sinter these before I had the furnace in house.

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